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Quartz sand filter is generally used as the pretreatment of reverse osmosis equipment and ultrafiltration equipment, mainly for the interception and adsorption ofsediment,colloid,metal ions and organic matter.

Commonly used filter materials are quartz sand, activated carbon, anthracite, manganese sand.

Widely used in agricultural irrigation, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, mining and other industries.

filter medium is more high quality graded gravel, quartz sand, magnetite and anthracite as the  filter material, through the pores of them, the sediment , colloid, impurities in the raw water are intercepted.

According to different raw water quality and working cycle, the replacement period of filter material is about 3-5  years.

According to the source water quality characteristics, different back-washing cycles are set and different back-washing methods are adopted.

The reverse washing method is adopted to control the back-washing velocity and strength.

Equipment function

Quartz sand filter is a kind of filter material with quartz sand as filler.

Helps remove impurities from water.

And its filtration resistance small, specific surface area is big, strong acid and alkali, as well as good stain resistance, the unique  advantages of quartz sand filter is by optimizing the design of the filter material and filter, realize the adaptive filter, filter material on the raw water concentration, operating conditions, such as pre treatment process  has a strong adaptability, namely on the filter bed automatically formed under the thin dense state, to ensure water quality under various operating conditions, backwashing filter material fully spread out, cleaning effect  is good.

Sand filter can effectively remove suspended matter in water, and has obvious removal effect on colloid, iron, organic matter, pesticide,  manganese, bacteria, virus and other pollutants in water.

It has the advantages of fast filtration speed, high filtration precision and large capacity of pollution.

It is mainly used in power, electronics, beverage, tap water, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, papermaking, food,  swimming pool, municipal engineering, etc.

The role of quartz sand filtration

Quartz sand filter is a kind of pressure filter, which USES the fine quartz sand filter material filled in the filter. When the water  flows through the filter layer from top to bottom, suspended matter and viscose particles in the water are removed, thus reducing the turbidity of water.

It is mainly used for the pretreatment of turbidity removal, softening water, electrodialysis and reverse osmosis, as well as surface  water and groundwater.

It can effectively remove suspended matter, organic matter, colloid and sediment in water.

It can be widely used in electronic power, petrochemical, metallurgical electroplating, papermaking, textile, pharmaceutical dialysis,  food and beverage, drinking water, water for factories and enterprises, swimming pool, etc.

Can meet the needs of various industries liquid filtration.

Quartz sand filtration is one of the most effective methods to remove suspended matter in water, and is an important unit in sewage  treatment, sewage reuse and water supply treatment.

Its function is to further remove the flocculated pollutants in water. It achieves the purpose of purifying water through the interception,  sedimentation and adsorption of filter materials.

Application statement

1. For industrial water, domestic water and municipal water supply system with turbidity less than 5mg/L that can meet the drinking  water quality standards;

2. Removal of suspended matter and solid matter in industrial sewage;

3. It can be used as the pretreatment equipment in the softening and desalting system by ion exchange method, and the crude filtration  equipment for industrial feedwater with low water quality requirements;

And used in the swimming pool circulation treatment system, cooling circulating water purification system.

Making process

(1) the water cloth plate has holes, and the holes can be welded to the water cloth, or it can be connected with a thread buckle for  convenient replacement in the future.

And pull up the leg hole.

(2) weld the branch pipe at the lower head, which is mainly used to support the water distributing plate.

(3) the branch pipe passes through the water cloth plate and is welded.

The water distributing plate shall be welded to the lower head, requiring double welding on both sides.

(4) roll plate, welding body and downwind.

(5) weld the top sealing head.

(6) tank opening: upper manhole (can also be Shared with the filler hole), lower manhole (depending on the distance between the lower  head and the water distribution plate) discharge hole, air hole, water inlet and water outlet hole.

(7) install the water supply pipe and the water wire pipe.

(8) welding tank supporting legs and lifting lugs.

(9) mirror polishing.

(10) welding tube external waterway pipeline.

(11) in order of well type, inlet pipe, discharge pipe and outlet pipe, 5 valves distribute water flow.

Working principle

The working principle of the operation of high efficiency continuous filter can be divided into two relatively independent and simultaneous  processes of raw water filtration and filter material cleaning and regeneration.

Both are performed at different points in the same filter, with the former powered by a high differential or pump lift and the latter  by compressed air.

Quartz sand filter is the use of one or several filter media, room temperature, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation, pH range of 2-13.

The system is equipped with perfect protection device and monitoring instrument, and has backwash function, dirt and other pollutants  are quickly washed away, water consumption is small, according to user requirements can be set up fully automatic function.

Under certain pressure, the original liquid can be flocculated, adsorbed and trapped through the medium to remove impurities, so as  to achieve the purpose of filtration.

The general packing is: quartz sand, anthracite, porous ceramic particles, manganese sand, etc., the user can choose to use according  to the actual situation.

Its filtration accuracy is between 0.005 and 0.01m, which can effectively remove colloidal particles and macromolecule organic matter.

It is mainly used to remove suspended matter in water.

Activated carbon filter is mainly used for adsorption of free chlorine in water (adsorption power up to 99%), on the organic matter  and color also has a high removal rate.

It is a pretreatment equipment for softening and desalting system to produce pure water.

The filter material is activated carbon.

The main material of the equipment is anticorrosion of carbon steel, glass steel and stainless steel.

Product features

1. Compact structure: the equipment integrates coagulation reaction, filtration and continuous cleaning. Simplified water treatment  process, small floor area, simple structure, flexible installation and convenient operation.

It reduces the energy consumption and labor management cost of multiple links in raw water treatment process and reduces the operation  difficulty.

2. Obvious coagulation effect: coagulation reaction mechanism and sedimentation mechanism are applied to effectively remove suspended  matter and colloidal substance in water, which is conducive to further reducing callose water turbidity in sand filtration area.

3. Continuous self-cleaning and filtration: the filtration medium is automatically circulated and continuously cleaned without stopping  for backwashing.

4. Reduce suspended matter (SS) content in raw water: with the micro-flocculation device, all kinds of industrial water, municipal sewage  and industrial water with the highest water intake SS mg/L are used as the reuse water, and the removal rate is 90%, achieving the perfect filtration effect.

5, special material, long service life.

Wide using scope

Quartz sand filter operation canachieve automatic control,high filtration efficiency, small resistance, large flow, less recoil times.

Widely used in pure water, food and beverage water, mineral water and electronic, printing and dyeing, papermaking, chemical industry water quality pretreatment and industrial sewage after secondary treatment filtration.

It is also used for deep filtration of reclaimed water reuse system and circulating water treatment system of swimming pool.

It also has good removal effect on suspended substance in industrial wastewater.

1. It is mainly used for the pretreatment of turbidity removal, softening water, electrodialysis and reverse osmosis, as well as surface  water and groundwater.

It can effectively remove suspended matter, organic matter, colloid and sediment in water.

2, can be widely used in electronic power, petrochemical, metallurgical electroplating, paper textile, pharmaceutical dialysis, foodand beverage, drinking water, water for factories and enterprises, swimming pool.

Can meet the needs of various industries liquid filtration.